Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to our blog

Marshall and I got married on August 18, 2007 in Starkville, MS. We lived in Ocean Springs on the coast of Mississippi. There I completed my internship in personal training to receive my degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Marshall is a Hydrographic Surveyor where he has gotten to travel and experience many cool things. We made a life changing decision to move to Houston, TX this past March. Marshall still does the same work, just on a different scale. After a couple of months here, I accepted a job at Episcopal High School, a large private school in Houston. I am the assistant to the athletic director where I get to be a part of many different aspects of the athletics world. I am also the girls varsity assistant basketball coach and the freshman head coach. We lived in a great little loft apartment right in the Uptown Galleria area of Houston. Although we loved the easy access to anything and everything, it was not ideal for our chocolate lab mix, Callie. We closed on a house late August and moved in right away with the much appreciated help of my Mom and Dad. We are now located in the suburbs called Katy, TX. My mom ended up staying a month to help out with unpacking and getting settled in. It was definitely a stressful time for all of us considering Hurricane Ike came barreling through 2 weeks after move in. We appreciate the support of our family and friends through all of it. We are enjoying the big city/suburb life and could not be happier. Callie loves having a backyard to run around in (even though Ike took down our fence) and actually having space to move around in. Our only Houston complaints- heat/humidity is pretty much unbearable in the summer, and traffic can cause our commute to work in the morning to be over an hour some days. We are also sad to be so far away from family, but its only a short, cheap plane flight on Southwest. Marshall and I are excited to host Thanksgiving here for my family. Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Stephanie, Emily and Graham will be visiting for a week. Jodie and Porter may decide to come last minute if it is a possibility for Porter to fly. Emily says she is most looking forward to having a babysitter while she can catch a movie. I am excited for Dad to see some of my basketball games over Thanksgiving break. We will also decorate for Christmas in our first house!

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Jodie said...

This blog is so good Sarah! I am proud of you for jumping on the blog wagon. Your house is so big, only a side wall fits in the picture.